Products Offered: Thermo Flex Plus/Turbo/Stretch/Xtra/Turbo Brights, Subliblock Turbo, Dream Flex™ Dream Flex Matte™ Flex Cut Maxx, Frosty Clear, Glitter Flex Ultra, Flock, Safety Certified Reflective Materials, Dimension (600 microns), Metallics (thin, medium & thick), 4/C Printable Media, DTF/UVDTF & many other specialty HTV materials for a variety of athletic wear, garments, textiles and variety of substrates and we carry STS Inks for your production needs.

Quality Vinyl & Competitive Pricing

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  • Widest color selection in the industry
  • Beautiful screen-print like finish and soft touch
  • Most colors can be layered for an even more colorful visual experience
  • Pressure-sensitive carrier makes for an easy weeding experience
  • When applied correctly, Plus will outlast the life of the garment

Acceptable Fabrics

Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends, Polyester/Acrylic Blends, Linen, Wool and Nylons with other types of vinyl/pu specifically designed for heat sensitive materials.

Sizing Available

Available Widths (in.): 12”, 15”, 20”, 30" & 60”
Available Lengths (ft.): 1 yard (3 feet) to 50 yards (150 feet), rolls may not be available in some colors


Matte, Metallics, Puffs, Glossy, Glitter & all Specialty HTV come in a wide variety of thicknesses for your projects: 75 microns to 600 microns

Graphic Supplies & Inks

Clear ThermoTape

• Call for pricing

  • Weeding Tool Pick & Tweezers
  • Roland & Graphtec Blades - 45° & 90° Roet Guen (Quality Carbide)
  • Mini-Tees available in Cotton & Polyester (variety of colors)
  • STS (Mutoh Partnered) Inks - See Catalog
  • Clear Thermo Tape - 1/2 inch x 71.6 yards (215 feet)
  • Rhinestone Flock - 12" width x 15' to 150' Lengths
  • Heat Press Pillow Packs (6 sizes included)
  • Platen Wraps (PTFE) - Heat Press Protectant
  • PTFE & SRS Release Sheets & Transfer Tissue - See Catalog
  • Transfer Tape/Mask - Light Tack to Extra Strong Tack

Here are some 'Technical Data Sheets,' many others can be found at manufacterers' links listed below

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Thermo Flex Plus


Thermo Flex Turbo




Glitter Flex Ultra